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CRM Software Development Company in Delhi

Fine Technologies CRM software makes your workforce agile with swift communication and on-demand information serving the sales and marketing team to maximize performance. It brings about a collaboration among employees and clients increasing productivity. The cloud computing method adopted with the CRM solutions helps to save your money, time, and infrastructure.
The objective of the CRM is to automate the sales with strong customer relationship. The CRM provides a control on the employee management to execute the project easily. Our solution helps to build a strong relationship with the customers by providing all the features to manage the support activities. The social media features are also blended in the right proportion that makes the communication complete. CRM helps to manage all the contacts related to the business with options to increase the contact list by importing from Yahoo, Gmail, LinkedIn etc.
Maintaining the employee details in the hierarchical structure is an added advantage in our CRM software since it helps to manage the employees as a team and assign the jobs accordingly. This results in proper utilization of the resources with control on task assignment and work flow. CRM provides an entirely new concept of employee collaboration with enterprise social networking. The employee performance can also be evaluated with the team management and goal-oriented task completion.
Your sales can be improved tremendously using the sales module of our CRM which concentrates on converting all your leads into sales and follow them closely to make them a prospective client by building customer relationship. The after-sale issues and concerns are easily handled by the CRM using the tickets and social media management.
Fine Technologies presents the CRM solution across verticals of industry including:
  • Small to medium business
  • Industrial solution
  • Energy and utilities
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Travel and transportation
  • Retail
  • IT services
  • Financial services
There are many modules included in the CRM which can be optionally chosen for

  • Sales module
  • Project management
  • Employee mangement
  • Performance management
  • Tickets management
  • Employee collaboration
  • Social media application
The CRM is focused on enhancing the client’s relationship with the company and provides the best after-sale support that increases the company creditability reflecting on your profit. We customize the CRM for your business needs. By choosing Fine Technologies CRM software for your company, you can make your business decision easily with the organized data and provide faster services to your customers. You can gain your market reputation with customer satisfaction. There are lots of benefits for using our CRM software and some are listed below.

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