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Clinic-Central Software

Clinic-Central Management Software

Hospital Management System provides the benefits of streamlined operations,maintain transparency,patient care and improved customers service. Technology increases reach towards customer, We have designed user friendy system that will help in your growth.

Clinic-Central subscription based software modules

Fine Technologies is a dynamic software development organization based in Delhi(NCR).We have lunched our new product Hospital Management System Software Clinic-Central it's free for now. It is subscription based business model. You can register an account and use it free.

  • HMS Admin Manager
  • Front Desk Manager
  • Medical Store Manager
  • Pathology Lab Manager
  • Doctor Login Manager
  • SMS and Email Integration
  • Web Manager – Patient reminder system
  • User and Roles Master
  • Internal mailing system
  • Dynamic Dashboard for all manager
  • Patient can download pathology report from website
  • New appointment from website

Hospital management system is designed in such a way to manage all the aspects of the hospital operations. The Hospital Management System(HMS) software enables to keep all the records of the health informatics and it deals with medium to large sized hospitals and improve profitability. Hence, this hospital management software cover a wide range hospital administration and management processes.

What is Clinic-Central?

The hospital management software (Clinic-Central) is web based application that helps in managing any health related institutions. It is integrated with the hospital/clinic records and manage all the hospital/clinic operations which includes medical, financial, administrative, medical store, legal, and compliance. This software handles all the functional requirements of the hospital/clinic operations and on a one platform all the details of doctors, staff and patient use to manage.

How Hospital Information Management System works:

  • Handles Patient centric records
  • Manage clinical reports
  • web based financials
  • E-health record
  • Health care
  • Health Information management
  • Health Information technology
  • Medical Imaging
  • Personal Health Record

Clinic-Central Module

Fine Technologies provides a powerful software having depth of features, easy usage and excellence in productivity to give you best experience.


Using administrator , one can create unlimited medicines,patient,doctors,medical stores. admin can scan all reports about your clinic/hospitals. Admin is designed very user friendly.


Doctor-wise appointments can be managed in this system. doctor can see past history of one patient's. Admin can also supervise all patient's appointment and can improve services.

Hospital Management
Hospital Management

Hospital Management System(HMS) increases the efficiency, reduce the cost, simplifies the infrastructure and helpful in multiple reporting. It also helps in maintaining transparency.

Patient Management
Patient Management

Important health related records of patient can be easily stored on cloud.It produces flow sheets for each patient which list immunizations, previous diagnoses, surgeries, test results, chronic issues and other important data.

Inventory Record
Inventory Record

Inventory management system solely maintaining records and reporting on inventory to more strategic inventory requirements to plan, project and fill customer orders and improve profitability.

Laboratory Management
Laboratory Management

Labs need to mange lots of inventories like, tubes, report file, equipment etc. HMS helps health related institutions to manage all the things in the software applications and allows to get knowledge of any laboratory in seconds.

Advance Hospital Management Module

In the Hospital management system, you can get several benefits to involve in your regular life.In the Hospital management system, you can get several benefits to involve in your regular life.In the Hospital management system, you can get several benefits.

  • Blood Bank Management
  • Nursing and Ward Management
  • Housekeeping and Laundry Management
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Doctors Management
  • Dietary Management
  • Easy and efficient Management
  • To enhance the patient care
  • To improve the work efficiency
  • To improve the work efficiency