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Static Website Design Company in Delhi(NCR)

Each website is built for a different purpose, which could be to sell a business? products online, or simply as a brochure to show potential customers what a business does, and then to attract them to contacting the business for more information.

This article aims to describe the differences between a static website and a content managed website using a content management system by describing the benefits and disadvantages to SME?s (small and medium sized enterprises.) We hope that this article helps both business users, and other website design firms to understand more the difference between these two types of website.

Responsive Website

We are specialized in creating responsive websites for our clients. The web pages of a responsive website look good on the screen of desktop, phone, tablet and almost all devices.

Ecommerce Website

The quick and immediate service of the company will accelerate the speed of your business. Using an ecommerce website, you can buy or sell product online.

Mobile site Design

Resizing of the website according to the screen size of your mobile is possible now with mobile site design. Our designers are efficient in making these kinds of websites.

UI/UX Design

We have proficient experts specialized in designing of user interfaces for different software and machines. This is called as user interface design/ user experience design, i.e. UI//UX Design.

Mobile App Design

The Mobile App Designers of our company will create brand recognition and give you all mobile-friendly dynamic website offers.

Portfolio Design

We have expert designers who design portfolio of our clients as per their requirement. Our designed portfolio showcases all your work in a professional format.

Using a Static Website

A static website is a website that is designed, created and then hosted by a website designer and is usually programmed using a static language like HTML or XHTML. Once the website is online, any changes that are needed require a website designer, or someone that knows how to edit, create or delete web pages. Typically, static websites are much simpler to create a content managed website, due to the fact that no database needs to be created.

Advantages of a Static Website

There are a number of advantages of static websites over a dynamic, content managed website for SME?s, dependent on their business:

  • Less cost involved
  • Simpler to create and host
  • Quick to download on lower bandwidths

Disadvantages of a Static Website

  • Could cost you more in the long run depending on the frequency of the updates
  • Long change process as you have to wait for a website designer to have the time to make your changes
  • Not as much functionality, so you website could be lacking against your competitors